Thursday, November 26, 2009

ILL 2 is the shit!

For you old people, that means that it's really really cool. Let me tell you why!
I had never tried watercolor before, and Camille makes it AWESOME. She's helpful because she has such a strong technical knowledge of the medium, and she's really encouraging. She makes me feel like my pieces are never as bad as I think they are, and she always has suggestions on how to make something 100% better. So, I thought I'd share some of the stuff our class is working on.

Exhibit A: We had to do a natural light study and an artificial light study. I kind of made my sister look like an alien but otherwise they went alright!

Our first mega-huge assignment was our illustrated store bag. I chose a bookstore, so I thought a bunch of famous literary characters would be fun. Poor Othello, no one recognized him! Oh well. By the way, I painted this on a HUUUUGE piece of paper. I forget how massive, like 30x30" or something. Admittedly, it's really helpful when you're doing something like painting a bunch of tiny heads. But the sheer amount of time it takes to lay down a glaze....just, no. Don't ever do this!

We did an exercise in class the other day where we all took a scene from Goldilocks and the three bears and illustrated it in less than an hour. I had the first part. I like that it's a lot looser than my other things - gotta learn to relax, I guess!

And lastly, we had our animal project. It started with a realistic rendering of an animal, and then a cartoony/animated version with one color painting and 2 inked orthographic views. I still don't quite have a handle on this medium so it was a little rocky, but I learned a lot.

This semester has been INTENSE. Grahhhhhh.


Em said...

wombat riding kangaroo is win!! haha. awesome awesome stuff kelly!! you da man, or da woman...

Alexander Marston said...

Yeah, watercolor hero.

Kelly said...

Thanks Emerson, hahahah.

And Alex, is that like Guitar Hero, but with watercolor? And if so, why can't I activate my star power yet so I can cruise through finals?

Also, my verification word is "snatelic". I feel like I should use it as a new synonym for "tubular" or "awesome".

Andrew Mar said...

Damn awesome for first time watercolor!

Keep it up :D

Kelly said...

Why, thank you, Andrew! Although I have excluded the crappier exercises and a bad project, so you're not seeing those, hahahah.

jesse winchester said...

Great work here Kelly, your definitely on your way to being a super star.

Brandon said...

Dang it has been along time. Your stuff is really stellar! Keep it up.