Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clothed Figure = Love

HOW MUCH do I love clothed figure 2? Thiiiiiiiiiiis much! I feel like Clothed Fig 1 did a great job preparing me, and now I'm moving on to more fine-tuning of my drawing techniques.
So, today we had this model I haven't drawn before, Robert or Bobby or something, he was great, and we played with a mobster kind of theme, and I had a lot of fun drawing him. I probably mentioned this before...but I think today was similar to the pirate day where it's easier for me to have fun (and therefore, draw better) when I really get into the character and storytelling. Also? LOOK AT THOSE HALF-LOCKS. YEAH BITCHES.

Okay, I really shouldn't be that excited about a fold. But do you ever just get that ridiculous rush when you finally "get" something, or when a particular technique "clicks"? Yeah. I dunno.

Also, we got our first largish Clothed Fig 2 assignment handed back today, which was to take clothed figure reference and turn it into some kind of character or creature. I took pictures of my buddy Mark (who must be tired of me soliciting him for help with my art school homework) and drew him up like a leperchaun type guy. Who makes shoes. Leperchauns make shoes. I read that somewhere.

Also, have managed to hit up a *few* workshops so far this semester. I'm really bummed that I can't make it to Bill Sanchez's clothed figure workshop on Fridays, but well, I work Fridays, and I need to eat. Sorry Bill, you'll miss out on my occasionally awesome halflocks for another semester. Tragic.
But here are some clothed and nude quickstudies pages. They need some work but I think I'm gradually able to add more detail in a shorter amount of time. Gettin' there.

I feel like I blabber a lot more on my blog than on any other ones I've seen. Hrm. Well, for me it's a breakdown of my learning process, not just a place for me to vomit out my latest work. So, deal with it. :P

HAPPY SPRING BREAK EVERYONE! I'm off to Sonoma County, I hope everyone has a restful break.

ETA: Insane spring schedule situation resolved. Talked to the folks about it and they said I could take classes part-time and finish anything else up in the summer after graduation. Huzzah!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some Ink and Some Weirdness

Quick post - my two returned ink projects from Illustration 1. They turned out okay. Wish I could spend an entire class in pen and ink!

And if you haven't read about it in Petur's Blog, he and Ed and Emerson and me all had a round-table sketch game thing where we each drew for a couple minutes, passed our sketchbooks in one direction, and kept drawing. Sometimes it's nice to step back from the seeerious business illustration student lifestyle for a while and goof off.

Speaking of student business...Can anyone offer any words of wisdom on this? I just learned from my advisor that I might be graduating a year from now, that is, Spring 2010. Not only am I mortified and feel like I should be a lot better for someone who's about to be a senior, (I'm not fishing for encouragement, I just honestly feel terrified) but in order to graduate in spring I'd have to have some insane semesters. My Spring 2010 term would be like Illustration 3 plus Advanced Perspective plus Senior Portfolio plus some other illustration class by advisement. And that's even with me taking classes that summer after I cross the stage. Insanity!

I'd rather take fewer classes next spring and slow it down...
Thing is, my family and I are a bit tight on cash at the moment (who isn't?), and they'd really REALLY really like me to be done ASAP. What the heck do ya do? I know it's important to take your time with learning this stuff so I can maximize my chances of getting a job without burning myself out...but...such is life, right?

And yeah. I know it's kind of early to be worrying about all this...but I just got a total reality check with my appointment with my advisor and I'm freakin'. A lot.