Thursday, February 12, 2009


Pirate day in Clothed Figure 2! Rock on. I think finally at week 3 I'm shedding a little but of the rust I accumulated over break. Also switched from pitt charcoal sticks to conte crayon - I forget that the pitt charcoal really seems to just exacerbate my heavy-handedness problem and leaves my drawings rather dark and disjointed and clumsy. Seems to take a month for me to remember that every semester!

All twenty minute poses below. Love clothed figure! I learn so much in these classes. Probably because the thematic/illustrative/characterization element makes it a little more enjoyable than the standard figurative charcoal class for me. I like that stuff.

Oh, everyone? I'd like you to meet Engelbert. I created him during an inkwash exercise in Chantal's class. He's really excited about Illustration 1.

Off to Blick to spend my savings on Illustration 1 supplies. It's COLD!