Monday, October 20, 2008


Oh my crap! So many projects! Bwaghfh! Between Heads and Hands and Figure Painting I'm gonna die for sure. Oh least I'm learnin' things! I think the combination of classes is really forcing me to get used to using planes in my work and to also be more consistent with my proportions. For your viewing pleasure, I have here most of my Heads and Hands drawings from this semester. The upper-left is the beginning of the semester, going to the lower-right, which is my most recent portrait. They go newsprint, drawing paper, 2 newsprint, 2 charcoal + white pencil on storm grey tone paper, 2 sanguine + white pencil on velvet gray paper. Most of these are all day (5-6 hours?) drawings, except the 4th, 6th and 8th drawings which are three-hour workshop drawings.

I'm also throwing in 4 of my least ugly paintings so far, also going from earliest to most recent. I am still struggling with this color and value fusion thing, but I think I've improved my paint application throughout the semester. 1st painting is 6 hours, second is a 3-hour workshop painting, third is an hour head study, fourth is a 6-hour portrait.

I still struggle with my various drawing and painting problems, but I've found that it's gotten to the point where it's really fun to work out all the puzzles and problems when I'm making a piece of art. It's a cool challenge trying to make sure your proportions and everything match up alright, trying to find subtle darks and lights that will punch out a portrait, etc. And the reward is learning how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future! Woot.

Kind of wanted to go on the summer Italy trip, but I don't think it'll happen because of my dirt-poor-ness, and my folks want me to work during summer so I can put some money away. My vegan-ness might also make things difficult depending on the housing situation there. Alas! Maybe next time :(

Friday, October 10, 2008

Gonna bust up some bitches!

Ufhghhghg god I have SO many paintings and drawings to post...but they're all scattered between Sutter and Federal and my apartment. Will post later on.

Just a quickie, though - I took a five minute sketch I did at Monday's Quickstudies workshop and turned it into this groovy guy. Colors hopefully coming soonish. I think Heads and Hands is really helping me with my facial geometry.
And my painting at workshop didn't suck too badly - I'll have to post it if I can manage to get a photo of it that isn't totally washed out.