Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CF3 dump

Ohmygossssh. Haven't updated in so long. Took the summer off and all that. Majorly sorry about lagging interaction in the AAU blogosphere - everyone on my blogroll has been producing some awesome stuff, I can hardly keep up! Anywayyy, thought I'd post some work for the first few weeks of Clothed Fig 3.

Week 1

Weeks 2/3

Week 4

More stuff coming soon from Illustration 2, Eccentric Ill and Modeling for Games!


Em said...

you and your awesome clothed figure drawing skills you... love it all! :D can't wait to see more stuff from your other classes!

Kelly said...

Thanks Emersonnnn! Clothed fig classes are really my favorite. I feel bad that I haven't been to any workshops but I feel like if I don't spend enough time on homework then it is kind of silly to go to clubs and workshops :P