Friday, April 29, 2011


Finishing out my Very Belated Month (year? D:) of Characters with these three celtic characters. Invented a little narrative in my head about a tribe of irish celts reacting to the spread of christianity, that's why there's a priesty guy. Might be fun to do something with these characters sometime! They were a few hours in photoshop each.

In other news, I've been trying out one of my coworkers' Cintiq lately, he's selling it, and I'm really leaning towards buying it. I thought it was one of those totally superfluous toys - I'm really not a fan of gadgets and phones and iWhatevers, but I can spend an entire evening working on the Cintiq and it doesn't bother my wrists, which have been acting up lately. Since my wrists are basically my career I think it's a good investment. Working on a Cintiq forces you to draw from the shoulder, and lately I've been able to do a lot more freelance work because there's no strain. I guess that makes me a believer! The one I'm using is an older model coming at a good price, I'd recommend folks check out gently used Cintiqs on ebay, you don't have to have the newest model to reap the benefits.