Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Post is Random

Basically, just catching up and posting a few odds and ends before I get engulfed by the new term. First is my printmaking portfolio; it's kind of sad that this little quilt of prints represents SO SO MANY HOURS of toiling in the printmaking labs. Especially etching. Etching is my favorite printing method by far, but also possibly the most pain in the ass process in terms of time and mess and elbow grease. Anyway, I'm glad I took it. :)

I should throw this up too even though it's like quadruple-posted. It's my interior figure for Jason Bowen's class. It hadn't turned out particularly well at first but after a classmate of mine showed interest in it, I spent some more time on it, and I ended up selling it to her! My first painting I've ever sold. Hurrah! I think it has a nice narrative quality. Got to have a little steampunk/fantasy fun. And I got to march around in goggles and a dress for a few hours.

Here are the only character drawings I got done before spring term started :/ I did a pathetic amount of practicing and drawing over break. Ahhh well.
On the left is a drawing of Bold Riley, a character in a story written by my friend Leia Weathington - I'm illustrating a chapter in her anthology. In the middle is a werewolf from a 40 minute werewolf draw-off with Ed and Petur. He's like, mid transformation, or something. And then the last one is this angry monk dude with a scowl and a weird phallic sword. Yeah. Drawings. Word.

And last but not least, this is a comic I did for an exercise today for my first day of Comics 1 with Dan Cooney. I had fun with it, heheheh.

Hopefully the next post will be filled with more polished, finished-type things...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Extremely belated update...

Wow, I haven't posted since midterms...lame! D: It's been a flurry of projects since then, I can't quite clearly recall most of the events of the semester! Suffice to say, it ended well. I think my final project for FA:Heads and Hands shows marked improvement in my figure painting, though I really need obvious improvement on color variation, incorporating more chroma, and keeping my colors from getting too muddy. Steadier range would be nice. And there are some small proportional issues. But can at least tell it's me, right? ...right?

why, yes, I did give it to my parents for christmas. Hey, I'm not a cheapskate! D:

Detail of my lovely visage (lolol)

I'm not the best in the world at head painting, or painting in general, but I sure enjoy painting portraits. I took some photo refs of a friend I'm going to paint just for fun, and I got a commission for a double portrait! Wow! (albeit, from my aunt ;P) Also setting up a commissioned still life that has to be done before february, ackkk! I'm a busy lady! What on earth has possessed these people to want my paintingssss...gah.

Check out that moustache...!

This is the detail of my portrait assignment for Intro to Fig. Again, plenty of issues with it, but I was really happy with my effort! The likeness is like...70%...but I think at the time I was finally beginning to comprehend skin tone a little more.

I'll post again soon with some more illustrative updates as soon as I get home to my tablet and scanner. How I have missed them! D: