Monday, March 1, 2010

gigantic crap filled post of crap and stuff and art

Or, "what I've been doing for the past few months while i was not posting blog updates". First up, stuff from the second half of CF3 with Chuck Pyle. I am sad not to have anymore clothed figure classes :( :( :( :(

If you're on facebook and the link doesn't work, try clicking here. Don't worry, there are no nekkid folks.

Next...stuff from 3D modeling for games. The bald guy is a highpoly mudbox-sculpted model, and the lady is a lowpoly game model, like 2k or some such amount. I am not cut out for 3D modeling.

Next...Advanced perspective stuff from this semester! Samurai, Geisha, and Noah. This class rocks my worlddddd.

My favorite perspective HW so far:

And here's my final for ill 2. It's an illustration from a Russian folk tale called the Fool and the Flying Ship.

And here's a poster for an upcoming play about a peace corps member who accidentally summons Ares, god of war: