Friday, April 24, 2009

These posts used to have names!

Just another illustration/cf2 update. Sorry art comrades for my lack of commenting; life is very very busy right now...and...FARRK the spring show is coming! Bahhh!

Mucha Day in Lisa's CF2 class:

Editorial about canadian seal hunting:


Pierre said...

So, a seal walks into a club..

Looks good mang. Digital? Thought Chantal was guache onry for that class

Kelly said...

Oooooooh, nice one, hahah.
If you get a B or better on the myth assignment (on all stages - thumbs, comps, final) she lets you move to whatever medium you want, and you've got to keep getting a B or above to keep with it.
Hopefully I didn't screw myself over and get myself back on gouache. :(

paac said...

Dude that new yorker cover is sweet! I love the perspective and the colors and the line quality.. moooaar

Mitra said...

Wow Kelly! These are amazing! I especiallty love the Seal hunting one.. Very, very expressive! Props!

Kelly said...

Petur - Thanks! I really dug working on that one :)

Mitra - glad you like them :D