Thursday, April 30, 2009

I should just start calling this Kelly's Clothed Figure Blog

We had vampire day in Lisa's class. Fun times. Very ehhh...Resident Evil-esque? Hahaha. Some longer drawings (clockwise from top left: 20, 30, 20, 40) we were encouraged to work more with tonal shapes and designing frames and shapes to enhance storytelling. My vampires are a little too broody but I think some of the girls in the class didn't mind 'em :P

Oh also! We're starting our final composite project for digital. Gotta be something related to greek/roman mythology for the most part and we are supposed to use the reference we took at the Palace of Fine Arts yesterday when we went there on a field trip. Maybe it's a touristy place but it sure is pretty :) Here's a pic I took, can't wait to work on this project:


Pierre said...

I like the first one, I mean, they're all cool, but as far as tone and shape. Did the model have pointy ears or did you make them vampire elves?

Brandon said...

Great stuff. It has been awhile since I have dropped in. Wow you have been busy. Really great stuff. You are really good and very inspiring. I go to get moving.
Great stuff.


Kelly said...

Pierre -
Yes. The model def had pointy ears. I was like, pointy ears on a vampire? Whatev. And I rolled with it.

Brandon -
Thanks for checkin' up on my blog :)

Em said...

did you submit these to the springshow? cuz they're awesome! you and your sexy men you.

Brandon T Pike said...

Great storytelling Kelly!! You've definitely hit your stride! You are now a master of the clothed figure. Awesome! :)

Kelly said...

Thaaaanks Brandon...hope I don't get lazy and rusty over the summer D:

C.B. Canga said...

well done as always