Monday, April 6, 2009

More recent stuff yadda yadda

Here's my illustration 1 Myth/Story project. I took a scene from the Great Train Robbery. Hopefully I get a B or better on it so I never have to paint in gouache again. ...Sorry, Chantal - gouache and I are not gonna be BFFs.

Some more Clothed Fig 2 stuff. Love love this class. Mostly Conte, mostly 20's and 40's.

Pic of some comic boards for the Bold Riley story I'm illustrating for my friend Leia Weathington. I need to get my ass going on those pages.


Alexander Marston said...

Is that the finished? It looks great right now!

Kelly said...

Thanks, hahah...yeah...I'm done working on it, i'm kinda tired of it.

mlheran said...

Cool beans all around! Not familiar with Great Train Robbery, I'll have to check it out -based soley on your rendering, natch. ;)
The waders are awesome, haha, so much fun in that class -and it shows!
Comic pages look cool -can't wait to see more of them and/or the story behind them. :)

Kelly said...

Thanks Chelle!
Yeah, clothed fig is definitely my favorite - wish I could go into costume design but I don't think I'd be good at it (plus I hate fashion).

Ed said...

Yo gurl them folds is bangin!

also that page is looking rad, the inks are particularly solid.

Em said...

yes! updateeeee!! the illustration is looking cool yo, and the comic pages are really awesome! keep rocking at what you do.