Thursday, February 12, 2009


Pirate day in Clothed Figure 2! Rock on. I think finally at week 3 I'm shedding a little but of the rust I accumulated over break. Also switched from pitt charcoal sticks to conte crayon - I forget that the pitt charcoal really seems to just exacerbate my heavy-handedness problem and leaves my drawings rather dark and disjointed and clumsy. Seems to take a month for me to remember that every semester!

All twenty minute poses below. Love clothed figure! I learn so much in these classes. Probably because the thematic/illustrative/characterization element makes it a little more enjoyable than the standard figurative charcoal class for me. I like that stuff.

Oh, everyone? I'd like you to meet Engelbert. I created him during an inkwash exercise in Chantal's class. He's really excited about Illustration 1.

Off to Blick to spend my savings on Illustration 1 supplies. It's COLD!


mlheran said...

OMG, clothed figure is so much love!! I think that was my favorite foundation class(es) because of all the fun you could have with the clothes and actions. :B

Funny, from what I remember I'm the exact opposite with charcoal vs. conte. I LOVE sanguine conte though, but with the black I'm totally heavy-handed. Gonna have to freshen up on that if'n I'm gonna go to workshops with ya... :P

But yeah, total awesomeness, as usual! Engelbert rocks!

B-Sides said...

Engelbert needs to be made into a stuffed creature...
a perfect snuggle buddy


Brandon said...

Thank you for your comment kelly.
How are things going? Probably busy just like the rest of us art students.
Anyways great stuff its been awhile since i have looked at your stuff but you are really good. Great stuff.


paac said...

Totally Sweet! Those folds are candy in my eyes. Moooaaar please!

Em said...

Haha. Engelbert is <3! XD I luvs him.

And I'm ever so jealous of your figure drawing skills.. but you already know that. I hate you Kelly.. I really do. XD

Oh oh. Unrelated note. the Word verification thing I need to type for this comment is.. uncle! lolol.

Brandon T Pike said...

Lookin' good as always Kells! yarr, keep up the great work. : )

And on a side note of Emerson's side not, my word is Pupfo. haha

Jelter said...

Great stuff, say hi at the next wkshp so I know who u are in RL :)