Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some Ink and Some Weirdness

Quick post - my two returned ink projects from Illustration 1. They turned out okay. Wish I could spend an entire class in pen and ink!

And if you haven't read about it in Petur's Blog, he and Ed and Emerson and me all had a round-table sketch game thing where we each drew for a couple minutes, passed our sketchbooks in one direction, and kept drawing. Sometimes it's nice to step back from the seeerious business illustration student lifestyle for a while and goof off.

Speaking of student business...Can anyone offer any words of wisdom on this? I just learned from my advisor that I might be graduating a year from now, that is, Spring 2010. Not only am I mortified and feel like I should be a lot better for someone who's about to be a senior, (I'm not fishing for encouragement, I just honestly feel terrified) but in order to graduate in spring I'd have to have some insane semesters. My Spring 2010 term would be like Illustration 3 plus Advanced Perspective plus Senior Portfolio plus some other illustration class by advisement. And that's even with me taking classes that summer after I cross the stage. Insanity!

I'd rather take fewer classes next spring and slow it down...
Thing is, my family and I are a bit tight on cash at the moment (who isn't?), and they'd really REALLY really like me to be done ASAP. What the heck do ya do? I know it's important to take your time with learning this stuff so I can maximize my chances of getting a job without burning myself out...but...such is life, right?

And yeah. I know it's kind of early to be worrying about all this...but I just got a total reality check with my appointment with my advisor and I'm freakin'. A lot.


mlheran said...

Cool beans, Kel! Makes me wish I had taken some perspective classes, not sure how I got out without it actually...
Anyway, don't feel bad about summer classes -I took them every year AND the summer after I "graduated." If anything, I would encourage you not to rush it (as much as possible). Taking four intense studio classes is insane -I did it for ONE semester and that the was semester I had the least amount of good work to show for it -I was just stretched too thin to give 110% in four directions. :\
I realize that doesn't help the money situation much, but hey, do your parents prefer to pay a massive sum all at once or spaced out a bit? It's the same amount of classes/tuition either way (as long as they don't raise it, of course -_-;)...
Bah, I don't mean to add stress! Your work is awesome as always Kel, it's always exciting to see what you've been up to and what you have planned! :)

Joe Sounart said...

I know your parents want you to finish ASAP but how much are you really going to be saving? Also, spacing it out a bit more you will have more time to spend on each assignment and will learn so much more, become that much better which could make the difference between the job you want and the job you're offered. The better you are the better chances at a better job. If you want to graduate quicker that's one thing but if it is just parent pressure than you should try your best to help them understand it's about the big picture. Blah Blah Blah, I am going in circles.

Alexander Marston said...

Hey Kelly,

I'm bummed I missed the final class on ink because so far all the ones I have seen were pretty awesome. Have you thought about your myth at all yet?

I'm in exactly the same boat as you concerning Spring of 2010. Thats when I am slated to graduate as well and when I found that out a few weeks ago I went through a major panic attack too. I've got it worked out where I am taking two classes in the summer, four in the fall and four in spring. None of them though sound as crazy as your Spring 2010. You are super talented for sure but I'm taking Adv. Perspective right now and with Ill 1 & Clothed Fig. 3. I'm balls to the wall most weeks and suffering from a major inferiority complex. I can't imagine upping it two notches. Money is money and you have talent too boot but that spring semester sounds insane.