Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where has teh Kelly been O_O

Oh man. I'm one of those horrible people that doesn't post for a year, and then wonders why no one pays attention to my blog. Hahahahahah. Well, I graduated, so, busy busy busy. I got myself a jorb-a-jorb at S2 Games as a texture painter, doing some storyboarding on the side, got my own place, livin' the life, etc etc. I just finished my online Character Design class today with Ryan Woodward, which I HIGHLY recommend. Anyway, here's a few of the stuffs I've been working on in the last few months (read: semesters). I'll try to be better about it :/

Character turnarounds + facial expressions + lineup

Leperchaun dude

Caricature homework

Inspector Guy. I seem to keep drawing this same generic red-haired guy, maybe I should make a comic about him.


Daniel H. said...

Psh... It's only been 5 months since your last post.

How's that hard drive working out for ya by the way?

Kelly said...

5 months is 4 months too long!
And the hard drive is working out GREAT, btw! You're a godsend!
Still gotta do some work on your screen - when are you moving to the city?
I was thinking something Kurosawa-inspired for it...

Emerson said...

i love your character works! they're awe-so-o-o-meeee!! Go Kelly!

Eve Skylar said...

Love your work!