Thursday, January 1, 2009

Extremely belated update...

Wow, I haven't posted since midterms...lame! D: It's been a flurry of projects since then, I can't quite clearly recall most of the events of the semester! Suffice to say, it ended well. I think my final project for FA:Heads and Hands shows marked improvement in my figure painting, though I really need obvious improvement on color variation, incorporating more chroma, and keeping my colors from getting too muddy. Steadier range would be nice. And there are some small proportional issues. But can at least tell it's me, right? ...right?

why, yes, I did give it to my parents for christmas. Hey, I'm not a cheapskate! D:

Detail of my lovely visage (lolol)

I'm not the best in the world at head painting, or painting in general, but I sure enjoy painting portraits. I took some photo refs of a friend I'm going to paint just for fun, and I got a commission for a double portrait! Wow! (albeit, from my aunt ;P) Also setting up a commissioned still life that has to be done before february, ackkk! I'm a busy lady! What on earth has possessed these people to want my paintingssss...gah.

Check out that moustache...!

This is the detail of my portrait assignment for Intro to Fig. Again, plenty of issues with it, but I was really happy with my effort! The likeness is like...70%...but I think at the time I was finally beginning to comprehend skin tone a little more.

I'll post again soon with some more illustrative updates as soon as I get home to my tablet and scanner. How I have missed them! D:


mlheran said...

Awesome stuff, as always!

LOL about the paint requests -I think most non-art people think "real" artists paint, so everyone thinks you're a real Artist! That's a good thing, whether you paint or not. ;)

Love the blog header pic too! :D

Dan Cooney said...

Amazing Kelly! I hope to work on my painting skills this year. Is there anything you can't do?

Kelly said...

Lol! Oh, there's plenty of things I can't! And lay out comic pages D:

Brandon T Pike said...

Incredible work as usual!! :) You're parents must have been psyched, it looks so nice framed. Thanks for stopping by, I can't wait for our comics class this semester, you best be teachin' me some skills. ;)

Melisser said...

I can totally tell it's you!

Psst.. can you email me? I have a question for you!

C.B. Canga said...

well done. bravo!

B-Sides said...

ummm... your work is kind of breathtaking...
you're portrait is flippin ridiculous!
-s (aka... joes roomie :P)