Friday, July 11, 2008

Springy bits and Summer stuffs

Yay! Thought I'd upload some figurative stuff I'd been meaning to upload. Clothed figure is awesome, it's really helping me with my charcoal technique, and my line weight, and my gestures.
But I thought I'd throw in some anatomy drawings first - I took Intermediate Anatomy with Brandon Smith during spring. The drawing on the left is from the first day of the semester, and the one on the right is from one of the last weeks. I think my 5-value rendering has gotten a lot less crappy lately - I think I'm slowly developing better control over my shading. Whoo!

These next ones are from Clothed figure, from the last week or two, and some are from our midterm drawing test. I like that we're encouraged to really push storytelling, and to feel free to change the model over completely as we see fit.

Doing these gives me some neat ideas for character designs and such. Now, if I only had some damn time to work on personal art...

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Mitra said...

Amazing. I saw you drawing these :) Some of these are from the midterm right?
I love the energy in your drawings. What year r u in and what major?