Friday, December 17, 2010


Character number twenty. I scrapped so many character beginnings today, just wasn't at the top of my game, but I came out of it at least with this little pikeman dude. He's a bit sketchy and he's kind of vomit-colored but I dig the pose. About 2-3 hours in photoshop.
I feel like i should add some environments to my portfolio. I was thinking of doing an environment a day after I get to character number 30, but that also might drive me insane.


Emerson said...

kelly's on a rolllllllll. really nice stuff kelly. all of'em are so full of character. I think the only advice I could give is try makignt he backlight a cool greyish cerulean instead of aquamarine. it'll feel more natural :3

Kelly said...

Thanks Emerson! Duly noted - they probably don't need to be so blatantly contrasty..!