Thursday, November 26, 2009

ILL 2 is the shit!

For you old people, that means that it's really really cool. Let me tell you why!
I had never tried watercolor before, and Camille makes it AWESOME. She's helpful because she has such a strong technical knowledge of the medium, and she's really encouraging. She makes me feel like my pieces are never as bad as I think they are, and she always has suggestions on how to make something 100% better. So, I thought I'd share some of the stuff our class is working on.

Exhibit A: We had to do a natural light study and an artificial light study. I kind of made my sister look like an alien but otherwise they went alright!

Our first mega-huge assignment was our illustrated store bag. I chose a bookstore, so I thought a bunch of famous literary characters would be fun. Poor Othello, no one recognized him! Oh well. By the way, I painted this on a HUUUUGE piece of paper. I forget how massive, like 30x30" or something. Admittedly, it's really helpful when you're doing something like painting a bunch of tiny heads. But the sheer amount of time it takes to lay down a glaze....just, no. Don't ever do this!

We did an exercise in class the other day where we all took a scene from Goldilocks and the three bears and illustrated it in less than an hour. I had the first part. I like that it's a lot looser than my other things - gotta learn to relax, I guess!

And lastly, we had our animal project. It started with a realistic rendering of an animal, and then a cartoony/animated version with one color painting and 2 inked orthographic views. I still don't quite have a handle on this medium so it was a little rocky, but I learned a lot.

This semester has been INTENSE. Grahhhhhh.